We need to make sure we are delivering a broad and high-quality education for our children from pre-K through high school, and that our workforce is trained and ready for the jobs of tomorrow.

We can support our workforce in three ways:

  • Extend our free public education system to include two years of community college. Free public high school education had a significant positive impact on our workforce in the 1900s. Making two years of community college free can have the same effect today.
  • Support job training programs for people who choose not to go to college. These programs help prepare people for the jobs of tomorrow, many of which require new technical skills.
  • Ease the growing financial burden for students attending four-year colleges.

Just as importantly, we must not cut corners for our younger children. It is essential that we have strong programs in these areas:

  • Pre-kindergarten
  • After-school programs
  • Affordable school lunch programs

It is a false narrative that we cannot support these kinds of programs. They pay for themselves by producing more secure families, and a better prepared and more productive workforce.